BeSure is a front-end for BeSweet and SurCode CD Pro DTS. It allows you to create DTS or Dolby Digital audio CDs. It uses BeSweet to decode the AC3 (including SSRC downsampling) and then SurCode CD Pro DTS to create DTS, or the freeware ac3enc to create Dolby Digital WAV files which you can then burn onto an audio CD using your favorite CD burning application.

Start up BeSure then click on the Input files dropdown list.

Then press the Add button to add as many files as you would like to process. Once you're done press OK.

The next step is configuring BeSure to ensure that it knows where all the helper programs are. Click on the Files and folders tab:

All these options should be rather straightforward. If you only want to create Dolby Digital audio CDs you won't have to set a path for SurCode CD Pro DTS.

Now let's configure the output. Click on the Besweet Settings tab:

If you're familiar with BeSweet commands and are convinced that you know some better settings you can use them here.. all the additional options correspond to the BeSweet options. Read the helpfiles that come with BeSweet to learn what additional options there are. Of course, the default settings work just fine so you don't really have to change anything.

In any case there's still the other options: Normalize should be checked as it will augment the audio volume and you won't have to turn the volume knob every time you listen to your audio CD. Then you select the output type. If you select DTS-CD you'll get 6 mono WAV files - one per channel - which you can then load into SurCode to encode to DTS. If you want an AC3-CD just select that option and you'll get a WAV file that you can burn directly onto a CD. CDDA finally would create a WAV file for a regular audio CD that can be played in any CD player, whereas for Dolby Digital audio CDs you have to connect your CD player to a Dolby Digital capable receiver using a digital connection and the same applies for DTS CDs (where you obviously would need a DTS capable receiver in order to decode the audio).

Finally, shutdown afterwards will shut down your system upon completion of the process. Now press the Go button and wait. If you selected the DTS mode, SurCode will be called after BeSweet to encode the DTS track:

Wait until SurCode finishes encoding:

Now there's one or more (if you selected multiple input files) WAV files in the target directory. You can burn them now using your favorite CD burning application.


This page was last updated on 06/14/02