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eac3to 2.50 now uses the ArcSoft DTS decoder directly.

DGAVCDec 1.0.0 alpha 25 initializes the PCRPID properly and fixes an LPCM demuxing failure and a crash on certain streams.

neuron2 is also collecting feature requests and bug report for the upcoming 1.6 train of DGMPGDec.

AviSynth 2.5.8 RC2 can be installed without updating the registry, supports different types of comment blocks in scripts, contains a few new script functions and modifications to existing functions and there's bugfixes as well.

VirtualDub 1.8.1 saves the run as job setting in the save avi dialog, has a distributed job queue mode, shows the result of bob and non interlaced field display mode in the render preview, can run the video compressor in a separate thread, there are more filters in the AMD64 bit version and various bugfixes as well.

And they're at it again: this time the movie studios want a waiver to remotely disable your ability to record high def content that are broadcast prior to their DVD release. Sony vs Betamax anyone? The MPAA time and again tries to circumvent the ruling that permitted time shifting in the first place.

The RIAA has found an unlikely ally in their quest to bypass due process when going after alleged pirates: Germany's justice ministers for the various states would like to bypass their district attorneys and have the RIAA get access to ISP subscriber data directly in order to no longer have to deal with thousands of requests for subscriber data.

Then some high def news: Weinstein, formerly in the HD DVD camp, has long been curiously absent from releasing any high def titles. Now they're back and their first Blu-ray release will be 'The Mist' and be released in August.

PowerDVD 8.0 has been certified for DTS-HD Master Audio, BD-Live and AVCREC (the latter means playback and record high def content from/onto regular DVD discs)

Sony has announced that they'd be using BD-Live on all their upcoming Blu-ray titles. Is it time to dump those pre BD-Live players now? Just yesterday I went shopping and once again there was no BD-Live standalone to be seen anywhere..

Meanwhile, Warner is holding out until the Winter holidays to launch their first BD-Live titles.

On the other side of the spectrum, Toshiba still hasn't given up on DVD - the DVD forum has just started up a working group for DVD 2.0 which would be backwards compatible but which would add HDi interactivity, networking managed copy and upconversion of the MPEG-2 standard def video to 960p. Hmm... sorry but upconversion will never ever be able to match the quality of a properly done Blu-ray disc, and if the Blu camp gets their act together (cheap and readily available profile 2.0 players and a $5 - $10 drop in MSRP for those titles priced in the $40 region), DVD 2.0 will never matter.

6/9 On a personal note, I'll be away for the next three weeks, partly without access to a computer so most likely I won't find the time/opportunity to post any news for that time. Please refer to our news forum for your daily dose of DVD related news in the meantime.
6/6 As if we didn't know already but it's always good to have some independent backup: The RIAA's "evidence gathering" practices for their DMCA takedown notices is severely flawed according to researches from the University of Washington.
6/4 LG's latest generation of Blu-ray drives bring Blu-ray recording and reading speeds up to 6x and add SecurDisc capabilities as well. On the downside, there's not a word about HD DVD so I guess I finally have to write that HD DVD to Blu-ray guide before my HD DVD drives stop working.

So that's how the copyright industry goes after alleged infringers now: they launch DOS attacks on Bittorrent trackers (and in this instance the "infringing" content was all but infringing). Hopefully MediaDefender gets sued into oblivion now (where's the rhetoric about terrorists now?)

ProgDVB 5.14.8 contains the ProgDVB tradition of not providing a changelog for a new release;)


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