Unauthorized download

We're sorry, but this downlod request cannot be authorized. There could be several reasons for this:

1) You clicked on a link on a site that is not part of the Doom9 domains. In this case the URL in your browser would not contain doom9.org or doom9.net. We do not allow that kind of external hotlinking. This site creates a great deal of traffic and it's hard to find a good hosting. We will not provide the bandwith for other sites, too so that they can have a great software archive without having to host and pay for it. Please visit Doom9.org and you can download all the files you want.

2) You're using a download manager. Download managers usually offer to search for alternative download locations. While this is nice for the user, it's bad for the webmaster because it could be that a download which originated on another site could theoretically still be downloaded from this site, without anybody knowing. But there's a solution to this problem:

Set up your download manager to send a HTTP referer, and when you click on a link on the Doom9 site the download will be authorized. Here's how you can do this in Getright:

Go to Getright Configuration, under Advanced/Protocol check Send "Referer" in HTTP Request and then select Generated from the download URL.

The setup should be similar for other download managers.

3) Your browser did not send a referer. This normally happens if you right click on a link and select save-as, or if you copy and paste a link into a new browser window and press Enter. It may also be that your browser is set up to not send any referer, though I did not find any such option in the browser I'm using (IE6). Unfortunately we must test for empty referer or we still have the download manager problem mentioned in 2). But left clicking on a link works just fine and has been tested in IE6, Netscape 6, Opera6 and Mozilla 1.0.

Some software firewalls, for instance the Norton Personal Firewall (which is also part of Norton Internet Security) or ZoneAlarm remove the referer from HTTP requests which will block any downloads on any site that does a referer check. Hence such options should always be turned off. In Norton you have to go to the Privacy Settings and disable browser privacy (which doesn't really protect your privacy anyway as your IP address will always be logged regardless of that setting), in ZoneAlarm you have to go to Privacy -> Cookie Control -> Custom and uncheck "remove private header information".

If you use a mozilla based browser (Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape Navigator), referer sending can also be deactivated (it is activated by default). To change that setting, browse to "about:config", then search for "network.http.sendRefererHeader". If the value is set to 1, referer sending is enabled, if it is set to 0, it is disabled. To enable it, double click on it, then change the value.

Software like AdSubstract also blocks the referer and makes downloads impossible.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you understand our reasons for doing so. Bandwith doesn't come cheap and we have to do all we can to keep the bandwith usage (roughly 600GB a month these days) down.