All burning programs I'm aware of support VCD, but only very few support SVCD natively. That's why we chose the most versatile burning prog, Nero, as the default one. Alternatively there's VCDImager, a GNU program which creates image files which you can burn in any burning program that supports bin/cue files. Last but not least, VCDEasy, which is another GUI for VCDImager but which supports chapters and includes a free burning program.

The VCDImager way needs some additional software:



+ : supports many format, good overburning, fully functional demo version available, updated often
- : most CD burners come with another program so it's an additional expense. On some players there are fast forward problems when using this program to burn SVCDs.


+ : free, works flawlessly in all known players
- : requires an additional burning program


+: free, works flawlessly in all players, supports chapters, free burning program included.
-: just a tad harder to use than Nero


This document was last updated on 08/31/02