DVD-5 backup guide

This guide explains how to copy a DVD-5, AKA single layer DVD or a DVD whose size is below 4.7 billion bytes (4.37 GB).

You will need the following software for this guide:

DVD Decrypter

Step 1: Rip the DVD

Most movies are encrypted using the CSS scrambling system. DVD-Rs have a ring containing some pre-recorded content which makes 1:1 copies physically impossible (CSS information would have to be stored at the place of the pre-recorded ring - this is an anti copy measure). DVD+Rs cannot contain CSS encrypted movies either. Thus, we have to first rip the DVD to our harddisk.

Step 2: Burn the DVD

Now that we have everything on our harddisk we can burn it to a DVD±R disc.

This document was last updated on March 18, 2005