ImgTool Guide

This guide explains how to use the first (but still often used) ImgTool v0.89.

Start up ImgTool and you'll be greeted by the following window:

Press the ... button (the button in the middle of the window) to select the source directory, then select a free drive letter from the Drive dropdown list then press the Make Drive button. This will create a new drive in Explorer which contains your DVD source files. Make sure that the selected source directory contains both AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories and that all the VOBs, IFOs and BUPs are in VIDEO_TS (AUDIO_TS should be empty).

Then press the DVD Image button.

In this screen you select the virtual drive that you have created above (by selecting a drive letter and pressing Make Drive) as DVD Drive, then you select a path and filename for the image file and last but not least the name of the disc.

Then check Create Disc Image to start the process.


This document was last updated on August 9, 2003