ASF / WMV conversion guide

You'll need the following software in this guide:


Step 0: Preparations

Install Graphedit and Avisynth as per the readme files that can be found in both packages.

Then play your ASF/WMV File in Windows Media Player 6.4 (c:\program files\windows media player\mplayer2.exe). During playback right click on the movie, and select statistics:

Then look at the Actual rate. It will normally fluctuate a little, especially if you have a lot of other tasks running in the background (in this case I had TMPG running so my CPU was maxed out). In any case, if it's around 23-24fps the source has a framerate of 23.976fps. If it's around 29-30fps it's framerate is 29.97fps and if it's around 25fps it's actually 25.00fps.

Step 1: TMPG Setup

Start up TMPG and prepare it for .asf/.wmv input.

Step 2: Encoding

Now set up the output in TMPG and start encoding.