14:52:33 up 5 days,  8:37,  1 user,  load average: 0.47, 0.48, 0.45

               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:        32748524    17663476     6291676      267576     4467832    15085048
Swap:        8388604     2267648     6120956

Nof http-processes (MaxClients = 256): 13

Forumclients: 170

2020-05-08: A more Eco-friendly servercloset.
2014-05-22: And now I'm a granddad, before 50 and Olivia is an aunt before 3.
2011-08-30: Became a father again, been 20 years since it last happened. A beautiful little girl by the name Olivia.
2011-08-13: A nice friend got me a nicer server. 2 Dual Xeon 5150's @ 2.66GHz and some SAS 15k-discs should do the trick even though it's only got 4 GBs RAM.
2010-12-30: Finally the 4 servers are replaced by 2 DualXeon's. Everything is Raid-5'ed so the total space is now 9TB.
2010-12-20: Had to add a new RAID5-array. Another 6TB bringing it up to +10.. My wallet hurts.
2010-12-18: A *really* nice friend gave me 4 DualXeon's... This is one of them. (The slowest one, only 3GHz)
2010-05-27: Tried to replace the linux-firewall with a Netgear to save some electricity (got a huge bill) but had to switch back since it didn't cope with the load. :(
2010-05-04: Finally I had some time over to replace the old Duron server with a DualCore, just a slow one but at least I can increase the storage with some SATA-discs. Not to mention the long overdue upgrade from Fedora 8!
2009-02-24: All of a sudden my provider changed the entire IP-series here. :(
2009-02-11: A bit too much fiddling with bonding the netcards resulted in a new IP, too bad since I've had the old one for many years.
2008-10-14: I guess it was time, the old firewall died. RIP. After a few hectic hours (and later some days of tweaking) the successor is now online 24/7 running Fedora 9.
2008-08-25: A long overdue update of the sql-server resulted in Fedora 9. There are also some new HDs there resulting in some 6TB or so in total.
Dates of IP-changes: 2002-06-10, 2002-06-16, 2002-08-16, 2002-08-17, 2002-09-02, 2002-09-08, 2003-01-04, 2003-01-09, 2003-02-03, 2003-02-19, 2003-05-30, 2003-07-02, 2003-08-03, 2003-08-21, 2003-10-25, 2004-03-23, 2004-04-19, 2004-05-03, 2004-05-04, 2005-02-xx, 2009-02-11, 2009-02-24, 2009-11-27, 2010-05-27, 2011-08-13, 2011-08-29, 2011-09-26, 2011-10-17, 2012-03-27, 2012-04-01, 2014-01-29, 2014-02-28, 2014-06-11 ... 2017-03-20, 2017-12-11, 2021-11-09
2007-11-21: The time came to throw the old RedHat 7.3 installation out the door. Now the mainserver uses Fedora 8 with all the latest updates.
2007-10-18: And thanks to Archie ;) there's another TB of space.
2007-10-09: A power outage today forced me to restart the servers and repair/check the sql-tables. *sigh*
2007-10-03: I caved in and finally opened up a PayPal-account. If anyone has that "I've-got-to-much-money"-feeling just send me some ;)
2007-06-20: I've finally moved all the servers into another closet, more easily accessed. And long overdue: A big "Thank you" to some of my HD-sponsors. Tompa, Ola, Johan and most recently Martin. Without your donated HDs I wouldn't be looking at 4TB.
2007-03-10: Long time, no update. Bought a new server to cope with the forumload (+12.000 bogomips). Upgraded to internal GBit-network. If only my cpu in the livingroom wouldn't refuse to reboot 9 times out of ten things would be perfect.
2006-12-30: Santa brought me 2x500GB, the mainserver is still on my livingroom floor and there's absolutely no snow in sight. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the (small) HDs.
2006-10-16: Found a 1.5GHz so the mainserver should now be running a bit smoother.
2006-09-19: Even though the mainserver is still only running at 700MHz, I've added another 500GB as well as replaced the borked 120GB. Now it's less than 500GB until I reach 3TB.
2006-09-10: Looks like the age is taking it's toll on everything in the mainserver, one 120GB HD and the CPU is dead. I've replaced the server with an old 700MHz for now but hopefully I'll get my hands on a 'new' server any day now. (And I really need another HD too.)
2006-05-10: The load, the heat and the small space in the closet finally took its toll, the PowerSupply in the mainserver died. I've temporarily replaced it with an old one until I get a replacement.
2006-03-07: Finally I managed to get enough energy to exchange the firewall. The 'new' 700MHz should cope with the 100Mbit downstream.
Edit: Forgot to mention that I've replaced the flaky 160 with a brand new 300GB bringing the total up to ~2.25TB or so. I'm seriously considering building some kind of disc-array instead of housing them in the cases.
2005-12-18: The time has come to retire the 166MHz firewall, my provider has upgraded the line to 100Mbit downstream and the firewall can only cope with ~35...
2005-11-26: Just a short note, upgraded to php 4.4.1.
2005-07-19: I just broke the 2TB limit. A brand new 300GB makes a total of 2.100GB online storage.
2005-04-22: Believe it or not but today we had another power-outage where I live. Yesterday my provider had routingproblems resulting in a three hour downtime and today the outage resulted in a two hour blackout. It's almost as stable as EFnet these days...
2005-03-26: Well, I found the problem, a bad 160GB HD. :( Strangely enough it hanged the server instead of just reporting the error, must have something to do with the driver for that extra IDE-card.
2005-03-22: The server has been very flaky for two days so I've upgraded the Apacheserver hoping that it's just some exploit and not a hardware problem. Edit: Ouch, it didn't help so it must be a hardware problem. I'll have to start swapping parts tomorrow.
2004-11-30: Finally we've found a new hosting for the doom9-forum. The most irritating part is that the increased responsetime isn't propotional to cpu or any hardware but to php 4.3.9 as opposed to 4.3.1 that I've used. Well, sometimes "If it works don't touch it" isn't just good enough.
2004-11-27: Something is very fishy at the moment, it looks like my provider wont route anything to the outside.?. On top of that their support is closed for today so I can't do *anything* until tomorrow! :( Let's hope that someone there finds out and does something. Obviously someone did.
2004-11-22: Argh! The one+ hour blackout was due to two electricians 'upgrading' some cables to a neighbour and therefore turned off all the power without warning... duh..
2004-08-12: Had to replace the backupserver with a 1.7GHz P4 since I needed the extra power for the doom9-forum-database (which I now host due to problems with the 'real' server).
2004-06-15: Finally, the 250GB is back and tomorrow I'll update the PowerSupply.
2004-05-11: Sigh, another 'dead-period' this morning. (I've written a script in a server at work that sends me an SMS when my line goes down and this morning it woke me up :) )
2004-05-04: Hmm... For the second morning in a row the line was down when I woke up. I guess I have to stay awake tonight.
Update: Found out why... A power outage, again, in the same area as the last 5 or 6 times.
Update #2: It's unbelievable! It went down a third time! This time due to 2 electricians installing some lighting in the basement and drilled straight through the power-cable to the router...
2004-04-26: It was bound to happen one day... Sadly enough it was the 250GB that went to heaven. :( 3 months old... RIP.
2004-04-19: A +2 hours downtime this morning (not my fault), while I was getting my beautysleep resulted in a new IP (as always).
2004-04-03: Finally replaced the old 45GB in the small server with a brand new 160GB using the new IDE-card.
2004-03-23: Gah, by some reason the line dropped and customer-service wanted me to try a windows-machine instead of my linuxserver??? Dumb fucks... And then, by magic, when I refused to hook up a Windows the line went up again... Hmm... ;) Oh, and of course a new IP.
2004-01-27: Took out that 75GB and inserted a 250GB instead, now I'm really close to 1.5TB.
2003-12-24: Had to replace a 75GB with the one I took out a month ago since it was starting to behave strangely.
2003-11-23: I've replaced a 75GB with a brand new 160, raising the total to more than 1.3TB.
2003-10-25: When I woke up after my much needed nap the line had been down, resulting as always in a new IP.
2003-08-21: This time the black-out lasted for 2 hours. (And of course a new IP)
2003-08-03: A short downperiod for about 20 minutes resulted in a new IP.
2003-07-21: And why is it so difficult to understand that there is nothing here that you can access but the http-pages. All you lame n00bs that tries to get ftp-access or exploit M$-vulerabilities on my Linux/Apacheserver just use you sparetime doing something else!
2003-07-15: Finally got the time and motivation to add another 120GB. Current discspace is now >1TB and the temperature in my closet is rising...
2003-07-02: There was a major power cut in Stockholm this morning so everything was black for half an hour.
2003-05-30: Returning home after a week on Malta I've just got things back online. As always when I leave things go from bad to worse. My provider had some problems that made my firewall go bezerk. Inger could restart it with just a few simple instructions but just one day later a thunderstorm convinced the router to stop routing and the server to stop serving. This would normally not be a problem but the new diskarray didn't want the server to reboot and although Inger and I talked for about 20 minutes I couldn't get it online until I came home today. Dunno if I dare to go on another vacation...
2003-05-17: I've just added a PCI-IDE card and a new box containing 3 more HDs to the main server. The worst part is that I didn't make the 1TB, if my calculations are correct it stopped at 975GB online. (I've also added more RAM to the primary server, it's now 1GB)
2003-04-09: Just a short, positive, update. Since the mySQL upgrade I've seen a MASSIVE load-drop. Currently I'm getting hit by +160 http processes and ~13 sql-queries / sec and the load is waaay below 1 (more like 0.3-0.4) and the queries-cache hits is stable at ~60%.!.
2003-04-02: I've just updated the PHP to 4.3.1 (php_accelerator 1.3.3r2) and the MySQL to 4.0.12. Hopefully nothing will break, the load will go down and I won't have to add more hardware.
2003-02-09: Back again from 4 weeks of sunshine and pleasure in Thailand and Australia. During this time the line has been down for aprox. 48 hours due to provider problems but now it seems ok again. And I've recompiled Apache for more simultaneous clients.
2003-01-04: Finally swapped the old DLink-804 for a linux-box (166MHz) running iptables. I guess the DLink isn't made for ~1 mill hits/day. Hopefully the sporadic 'cant access' problems will go away (as I will in 8 days :))
2002-11-02: Slept late today and woke up just to find out that the firewall had decided *not* to route anything? I just restarted it and everything was back online. But there was a 4 hour blackout. Maybe I'll have to invest in a more powerful router.
2002-10-26: Just a short note. I added 512MB of ram to the primary server a couple of days ago and there's no swapping whatsoever! So for the time beeing 768MB seems to be enough.
2002-09-08: Sometimes I feel like giving all of this up... Yesterday at 11.26 the line went dead Again and this time my provider blamed a fried switch. Since they don't do any manintenance of this kind in the weekends it wasn't going to be fixed until monday but all of a sudden at 19.58 today (sunday) it came back up.
2002-09-02: Again! My provider has problems! At 18.10 (local) the line went down. It's now 19.20 and it's up again... Hopefully for good..?..!
2002-08-17: Sometimes things just go wrong. My provider (Bredbandsbolaget) had some problems and between 16.55 and 18.25 the line was dead. This time the IP didn't last for 1 day...
Update: Went down again at 19.23 and came back at 20.56. Let's hope that it will be up for good this time.
Update #2: It wasn't, the line keeps bouncing and the IP gets changed. I'm sorry but it's out of my control, let's just hope that they can fix this soon.
2002-08-16: Just got home, my birthday (thanks goes to Scipio and Epere), and naturally something had to screw up. The line went down, after *exactly* 2 months and I've got a new IP.
2002-08-01: Just dropped ProFtp and installed Pure-Ftp instead. I couldn't get ProFtp to work without all the timeouts but Pure-Ftp seems to do its job.
2002-07-23: Ok, You're now all on the new server. Hopefully I've remebered all the scripts since I've made a fresh RedHat 7.3 installation. (putty only)
2002-07-20: Sitting at home, having a bad hangover. And I missed the opportunity to get my hands on a dual 633MHz, 1GB RAM machine. I was so p****d of that I went out and bought myself a new 1GHz Duron instead. Soon there will be more power in the closet.
2002-07-18: Swapped a measly 20GB in the secondary server to a 120GB. The total is now in excess of 0.5TB.
2002-06-25: WTF? It went completely crazy again.. Out of mem. Killing procs. Had to reboot. What's going on? Time to do some serious digging in the logs.
Edit: Ok, found it.. I'm under attack from, so far >1400 hits. Trying to kick him.!.. AND he's the f*ck that made the entries in the logs for this mornings reboot...
Either I managed to stop him or he stopped by himself... Guess I'll have to wait and see..
2002-06-25: Had to take down the primary server for maintenance, it had been running for 148 days and yesterday there were some notes in the logs that made me realize that even a well-behaving linuxserver needs some time off. And it was nice to see that my backup-server did it's job during the few minutes of rebooting.
2002-06-16: The line went down *again* at 23.03 but this time the scripts did what they're supposed to do and it came back at 23.19. But since I get a new IP everytime and the TTL in the DNS is 4 hours, there could be up to 4 hours before everyone gets the new address.