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VLC 1.0.3 supports WMA professional, and contains a lot of fixes.

And on a personal note, I'm off on a business trip for the next 9 days and I can't promise any updates during that time.


DGDecNV 2.0.0 beta 1 is the first release of the unified nVidia accelerated MPEG-2/AVC/VC-1 indexer. It supersedes the DG*DecNV tools.

DVD43 4.6.0 improves decrypting of newer DVDs with bad sectors.


BSPlayer 2.50 allows subtitle placing using the EVR renderer in Vista, has an option to show playback time in milliseconds as well as to select multiple languages for online subtitles and post playback actions, supports UTF-8 language files, remembers window placement and size, displays the total time and time of selected media files in the playlist and contains some bugfixes as well.

CutterMaran 1.70 now fully supports Vista / Win7 in both 32 and 64 bit mode and contains a long list of bugfixes.

The latest HC 0.24 beta features adaptive deadzone quantization.


And there it is - the content industry has just scored a victory that will undoubtedly invigorate their lobbying efforts in other countries: France's second installment of a three strikes law passed the constitutionality test.

ISPs and cellphone carriers will have to up their lobbying budgets: the FCC has just proposed network neutrality rules. There are some big exceptions though that could make the whole thing moot: when you can throttle due to network congestion, ISPs can continue to oversubscribe their lines way beyond reasonable amounts. Still, expect lobbyists and paid members of congress to start screaming bloody murder shortly..

Finally, it seems that our elected members of parliament caved to lobbyist and government pressure and abandoned their strict (and overwhelming in numbers) stance against three strikes legislation.

10/19 VirtualDub 1.9.7 handles deeply nested hierarchical AVI indexes, has a workaround for poor blits overlapping on secondary screens, has a commandline switch to suppress the dialog at the end of commandline processing, and there are some fixes as well.
10/18 DGAVCDecNV beta 11 contains experimental support for running multiple instances and should fix some failures.
10/17 Opposition to network neutrality regulation in the US is mounting - besides carries, the companies that want to sell throttling and other network management gear are also opposed, as are 18 senators of the Republican party (of course, they're also against pretty much anything else that the current administration comes up with).
10/12 eac3to 3.17 uses the latest libFLAC, flushes (the cli output stream I presume) after writing every log line and fixes some bugs.
10/11 BDInfo 0.5.3 is released under the LGPL license, marks hidden streams, shows DialNorm values, allows selecting multiple M2TS files when creating custom playlists, has a grouping display and sorting for playlists that span multiple M2TS files, checks for D-Box motion code presence, displays better error messages, has an option to hide invalid playlists, changes the detailed report display for multi-angle titles and fixes a bug that prevented all streams from being displayed in custom playlists.

That was it then - The Pirate Bay is not being sold after all. After losing technology partners, being accused of insider trading, facing delisting from the stock exchange and a possible insolvency, the deal is finally off the table. What will happen with the plans to turn TPB into a legit enterprise remains to be seen.

BDSup2Sub 3.9.8 has a new conversion options dialog, has a new cli switch to keep the original resolution and only adds the _exp postfix to the save file name once.

MakeMKV 1.4.8 fixes some bugs and supports BD+. There's a twist though - you need to send some information about your disc to the authors and will get back a file that allows you to restore the movie to full glory.

10/7 DVD43 4.5.0 improves decryption of DVDs with a corrupt UDF table.
10/6 From the "copyright law running amok" department: What's the world coming to if an artist can't give away his own songs?

VLC 1.0.2 includes a native decoder for WMA professional and fixes various issues including some security vulnerabilities.



As expected the French opposition has turned to the Conseil Constitutionnel to look at the latest version of the three strikes law.



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