Tips on seamless branching titles in IfoEdit

The procedure to handle seamless branching titles is not much different from handling regular movie titles. Since IfoEdit now can handle seamless branching titles it basically comes down to remove the unwanted streams when you process the main movie. Note that you're not required to remove the branching stuff unless you want to re-encode the movie (but in that case you'd be required unless you're willing to follow one of the most complicated guides we have to offer: the Seamless Branching guide).

Now, when you come to the point where you remove VOB IDs or Stream from the main menu VOBs and press the VOB Extras button you'll get the following screen.

Note that the Seamless Branching options are active. Now check Remove Seamless Br. and in the Keep Title section selection which version of the movie you're going to keep. The example I'm showing here is from Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition R1. As you can see PGC_1 is the theatrical (short) release, PGC_2 would be the director's cut and PGC_3 is another extended cut.

The rest is the same as usual.

This document was last updated on 12/24/02