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Today marks a first for me - both as far as this site is concerned and as far as my personal life is concerned: In a few hours, I'll leave for a 6 week holiday. I've never been on a holiday for so long (the longest was 4 weeks if memory serves right), and you can imagine what missing a whole week due to the flu meant to an already overbooked calendar - I was working my butt off this week and barely managed to pack my bags (planning what to do will have to come in the airplane and once we get there).

I think I set up everything so that I'll have Internet, but at best I'll be posting some stuff to the news forum. Of course you're all invited to participate as well - many eyes see more things and I was bound to miss certain things in recent weeks as the things were getting more and more hectic as the date of my holiday approached.


Big content seems to have some royal followers now - the Queen herself has announced plans for what could well turn out to be a three strikes law in the UK.

ProgDVB 6.24 has a new OSD menu, supports 16APSK modulation and C-band stacked LNBs and contains the usual amount of bugfixes.


DVD Rebuilder 0.31.02 no longer uses ffms2.dll as backup for ffdshow, has some checks for required software prior to encoding, configures ffdshow as the preferred codec for DirectShow and uses the latest release of x264.

ZoomPlayer 7.0 has a right click option to close the navigator in fullscreen mode, has some new settings that define what happens if playback of a playlist is complete / which playlist is assumed to be the main movie when playing a Blu-ray discs / adjust subtitle synchronization / automatically hide the control bar and some more interface improvements.


11/16 BDSup2Sub 3.9.9 has an application option, has an auto FPS and a set / clear forced flags CLI switch and fixes some issues.
11/15 DGDecNV 2.0.0 beta 3 has a revised scrambled audio detection, implements force film mode for MPEG-2 and fixes crashes when upscaling streams with soft pulldown.
11/13 You think the MPAA's response to piracy is reasonable? How about shutting down an entire municipal WiFi network because a single user was caught downloading a movie?

Ugh.. got home from my business trip and I fell sick in the airplane. Now you know the drill nowadays with flu symptoms - you'll be masked up and asked to quarantine yourself. So here's me reporting back still weak from my own personal quarantine zone.

Can it be? A legitimate movie streaming site with the backing of major Hollywood studios? Sweden's Voddler promises just that and has attracted a large audience.

11/4 DGDecNV 2.0.0 beta 2 fixes a crash when indexing certain AVC streams.

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