DVD encoding guides

These guides explain how to create DVD compliant MPEG-2 video streams. These streams can then be used in a DVD authoring program or as content for DVD backups.

Medium quality

ReMPEG2 - last updated 02/15/2002

High quality

- CCE (Robshot - Bach method aka RoBa) - last updated 02/10/03
- CCE 2.70 - last updated 08/01/2005
- CCE Basic - last updated 08/01/2005
- HC - last updated 08/01/2005
- QuEnc - last updated 08/01/2005
- TMPG - last updated 03/01/2002

A few words about program selection. ReMPEG2 is free but relatively slow and the quality isn't great. QuEnc and HC are free and deliver high quality at good speed. Both TMPG and CCE deliver high quality content with the latter having the upper hand, plus it's much faster. On the downside CCE is about $2000 whereas TMPG is $48 and can be used for free for the first 30 days.

This document was last updated on August 9, 2005