DVD authoring guides

These guides teach you how to create a DVD from scratch. Most were initially written to create miniDVDs - DVD content on a CD - they can be used to create real DVD with virtually no changes. If you need any help picking a suitable program I have compiled a feature matrix listing the most important features a DVD authoring program can offer.

Basic guides - 1 audio track, static menus

- DVDit PE - last updated 9/30/00
- IfoEdit - last updated 11/01/02
- SpruceUp - last updated 04/06/02
- TMPG DVD Author - last updated 4/12/2004

Medium complexity guides - multiple audio tracks, animated menus

- DVD-lab - last updated 4/11/2004

Professional level guides - multiple audio tracks, subtitles, animated menus, multiangles, etc.

- Scenarist NT - last updated 10/14/00
- DVDMaestro - last updated 09/07/02


Other useful guides

Guide to using Photoshop to create DVD menus - last updated 07/21/02
How to create still menus for DVDs in Photoshop, written by Trilight


Authoring program feature matrix

Program / Feature #subtitle tracks #audio tracks 5.1 AC3 DTS animated menus DVD-9/DLT Multiangles Active *
DVDit PE 0 1 no no no yes no yes
DVD Lab 0 1 yes yes yes no no yes
DVDMaestro 32 8 yes yes yes yes yes no
Scenarist NT 32 8 yes yes yes yes yes yes
SpruceUP 0 1 yes no no no no no

(*) Is the program still being developed/sold

This document was last updated on August 9, 2005